Your Dreams + Your Ghosts = Your Reality

Today I woke up and I felt good! This is not a “normal” thing for me. Like many others I have come across hard times, had my heart broken too many times to count and at some point seem to have lost myself, my dreams and my want to. But right now today, in this moment I feel positive, hopeful and ready to take on my goals for today!

Ebay Seller Daily Blog: Don’t Be a “Junk” Collector! But what is “Junk” when You’re a Re-seller on Ebay?

There is such a thing as having too much inventory! Are you maintaining your storage areas properly? Don’t let Ebay take over your living areas in your home! Streamline your listing process by sorting your unlisted inventory. Take a deep breath, put on some music and dig into that inventory just waiting for you to list it so it can make you MONEY!