Your Dreams + Your Ghosts = Your Reality

“As You Think So Shall You Be” ― Wayne W. Dyer

Today I woke up and I felt good! This is not a “normal” thing for me. Like many others I have come across hard times, had my heart broken too many times to count and at some point seem to have lost myself, my dreams and my want to. But right now today, in this moment I feel positive, hopeful and ready to take on my goals for today!

Your Ghost from your Past should not stop you from having Dreams for your Future!

I’ve been watching motivational videos and something that was said in the one I watched Saturday morning really made me think. The speaker was talking about our ghosts, what haunts us and then asked “How many of yours dreams are going to die with you?” I’ve often felt a tremendous sadness wash over me when I think about all the things I used to dream about and how many of those dreams will never come to pass. But this time it made me grab a pad of paper and I decided to list “My Ghosts.”

So here are “My Ghosts” that haunt me:

  1. Being insecure about a past I can’t change.
  2. Letting my life run me instead of me running my life.
  3. Running away from my failures instead of turning them into a pathway for success.
  4. Giving up on My dreams and childhood fantasies about what I believed life should be… we all need our dreams to stay alive and keep the faith alive with them.

 I’ve heard it in movies and in life “Once you quit you’ll always be a quitter”. I also believe “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits”. But I also know this first hand because I have been both. I have seen both sides to this coin. I can tell you to beware because once you fall off the edge and lose a part of you by quitting something (or someone) that has become a part of you it may haunt you for the remainder of your life and affect the decisions you make along the way. It can change your whole life if you let it. But if you can let it go and not allow your past to define you, then you will grow into it. Maybe that’s where the saying “growing up” comes from? 

My advice is to stay true to yourself because nobody else should tell you who you need to be. You are the only one who knows what’s inside of you and what you truly need. Listen to advice, read books, watch videos, let family and friends try to help but in the end listen to the little voice inside of YOU! Because You are the only one who has to live with your decision for the rest of your lives. It’s way easier to make a good decision than to try to repair yourself after 30 years of bad ones. 

My commitments to myself:

  1. Take care of me so I can take care of everything else!
  2. Take care of my family!
  3. Believe in myself!
  4. Stop being a ghost and letting my past define me!
  5. Stop waiting for “some day”!
  6. Be the person who I want to be!
  7. “Normal” is settling, be Exceptional!


Leaving you with a question to ask yourself:

What dreams will die with you?

When You are 60, 70 or 80+ years old, what will you look back on with regret that you never did that you can no longer physically do? My suggestion would be to start with those and do them first… now… don’t wait for someday because it may never come!

Thank you for your interest in my blog 🙂



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