Your Dreams + Your Ghosts = Your Reality

Today I woke up and I felt good! This is not a “normal” thing for me. Like many others I have come across hard times, had my heart broken too many times to count and at some point seem to have lost myself, my dreams and my want to. But right now today, in this moment I feel positive, hopeful and ready to take on my goals for today!

A Day of Fishing that Ended After Dark and Left Us Fearing For Our Lives!

A fishing story that ended in one of the scariest moments in my life!

I loved fishing with my brother and we went all over our rice farm fishing for catfish, bass, carp and gar. We fished as often as possible. On this day we were at the back corner of a rice field in the wooded tree line where I believe its called a bar ditch went between the fields. We weren’t catching anything. They were boiling at the surface but just not taking the bait. We lost some of our prized favorite lures in that water hole that day. We stayed till after dark before giving up and getting packed up to go home. That was when it all went terribly wrong. Have you ever had that feeling like something just wasn’t right? Like someone or something was in the dark, watching you?

1/20/2018 Blog#2 – Drop-shipping from Amazon vs. Oberlo

Drop-shipping from the Oberlo App The Oberlo app is offered for use through Shopify.  This app is a compilation of numerous suppliers that are in China and surrounding countries. It’s very user friendly but like life there’s always a learning curve. When trying to decide what supplier you want to use for new products in…

Part 1- Algorithms & The Listing Process

In the Beginning… How I got started selling on ebay I was introduced to ebay in the year 2012. It seemed like a gold mine! An online garage sale and who doesn’t love a good garage sale, right?!? I was hooked. I bought everything from jewelry to clothes, shoes, birthday and Christmas gifts. I went…

My Real Life Experience on Bragg Road

I’ve told my story about what happened that memorable night to my kids. They laughed then wanted to go down Bragg road. It really is a fun spooky tale story to tell but honestly, the thought of going back is not a fun, exciting feeling. I don’t think I have ever been more afraid in my entire life and may never go back because I can still see what I saw that night as if it was yesterday…

True Love Lasts Forever

Throughout Life we all have our ups and downs but the love we felt in that first real relationship as a young adult is one that will outlast everything else. It’s a love that really does last forever, even if the marriage does not. Sometimes being right is not as important as being patient and forgiving the ones we love.


It’s going to be a Great Day at the Flea Market! We’re loaded down with a vast variety of items that will appeal to almost anyone walking by and I get to spend the day having fun with my daughter, she will enjoy having help from her friend being with us too, I get to check out the pros and cons of having an inside shop and make new friends and we get to make money doing it! Doesn’t get much better than that!