Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit!

On the path to our success, sometimes, we may go down a few rough roads, trip and fall in a few mud holes and maybe even come to a complete stop right in the middle of what feels like the most important times in our lives.

We’ll feel ourselves begin to stress more, focus less and the negativity will start to creep in and steal your motivation, drain your energy and, if you allow it, cause you to quit. So don’t. Do not allow the fear of failure to open the gates to negative thinking.

Keep your eyes looking forward. Keep your chin up and your feet moving even if it’s one step at a time!

This is a time for learning from these experiences, both good and bad.

You will use them to:

Better decision-making skills.
Teaches us what Not to do.
Improves upon procedures.
Develop a broader view capable of seeing the bigger picture.
Positive self-image and confidence develops as your experience replaces your fears.
Communication gaps start to close as you learn the business language, lingo & acronyms
Going through this vortex of twists and turns can be treacherous to our self-esteem, stamina and faith in our capabilities.

People that want to learn will always be learning something every day. People that choose, yes I said choose, not to learn by using words and thoughts like “I can’t” will not.

Once we make it past the first few scary steps it gets smoother. We start to learn the lingo. Start to feel more comfortable in our surroundings. Decisions are more confident, goals more realistic and the focus sharpens and narrows in on priorities to reach the goals that have been carefully laid out. These are all necessary stepping-stones that will help us to appreciate all that we accomplished to make it when we begin to see the finish line on the horizon. So cast away all doubts, stay the course and when you get there look back with pride because you never quit. Quitting is not an option!


Peel back the Layers and Let it Go! -Family Part 3

Our personalities are formed in layers. Our first layer forms the second our brain starts to function as a baby. Every experience in our lives will form another layer. But what happens when there’s a bad experience buried deep within our layers? How do we dig down deep enough to release it? We peel back the layers one at a time until we get to the bad one. The next step is to learn to let it go. Breath in the good, exhale the bad and just let it go so you can live without carrying the pain that surrounds that bad experience.

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What are your Goals?

For many years I’ve asked myself where will I be in 5 or 10 years. If you don’t think about it nobody else will do it for you and you will be as lost as a little boat floating in the ocean… just floating along. Set your goals. Set deadlines. And then do everything you can to work towards them every day!

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