Do You Need to Push your RESET BUTTON?

Is it time to push the RESET button on your Goals?

Is it time to push the RESET button on the Goals you set for yourself a week or a month ago?!? Do you feel productive? How are you tracking your progress? Do you have so many projects going that you’ve lost track? Is the problem with your short term goals or your long term goals… you do have both, right? If not then now is the time to set them!If you don't know where you are going you'll never get there

If you feel yourself drifting off then then you need to ask yourself why? Maybe the goals you set for yourself have become stagnant and are no longer your focus point. If this happens to you then it is time to PUSH THE RESET BUTTON and re-evaluate your goals and update them asap! Every day you spend adrift is lost time and lost productivity which will lead you down a path going absolutely no where close to reaching your long term goals.

Is it because you are so overwhelmed with an unrealistic to-do list that you have started telling yourself that you are doing the best you can do and in the process you literally stop trying because your goals have started to disappear which causes you to lose direction.


I don’t care how many times you need to do it as long as you are staying focused, tracking your productivity and feeling the fruits of your labor! Your long term goals should be set so they are realistic and reachable. Hitting the reset button on your short term goals should not alter your long term goals.

How much you need to do on a daily or weekly basis?

How many hours per day are you working? How many hours did you put down when you life-work-balance-sign-postset your goals? Are you reaching that goal? Are you going past and working more hours than you had planned? It is extremely easy to get up, work all day, pick up kids and go home and go back to work, make dinner/eat then go back to work and work late into the night just to get up to do it all again tomorrow! Sounds pretty crazy for some but for others it sounds pretty familiar, right?!? Make sure you maintain a balance between work and family/you time or it will cause you to fail. It is just that simple. You are working to better your life so make sure it is doing just that!

Short Term Goals vs. Long Term – which should need to be RESET?

Your long term goals will only be greatly affected if you just get completely lazy and stop putting in the 4 to 8 hours per day you set for yourself. I spent the first 45 minutes this morning, while I had my coffee, splitting up my daily/weekly schedule into AM and PM schedules Monday thru Sunday. My biggest challenge is incorporating my family, friends and housework into my daily schedule! I can literally go from one day to the next and do only ebay because it is so demanding!!! Ugh! I am branching out to work more on my Shopify store that I have not opened in a whole month since I signed up for it… my Amazon is screaming for attention so I updated all my pricing on Monday this week but I have not been buying new inventory to list on Amazon so it is hurting right now… I love my blogs on my WordPress site which I share to my fb pages and LinkedIn profile and I have not done a blog in a month… where the heck is my time going??!! I say NO MORE! There is now a schedule laid out as to what needs to be worked on in the mornings and afternoons of each day of the week and I will let you know how it goes after a full week of following it.

You will get out of it what YOU put into it!

I know you have heard that saying! When you have no money coming in you will remember those days that you’ll know you didn’t stay on track and and you’ll regret not sticking to a schedule with set goals! Don’t let it happen to YOU!

Have a great day and let me know if you have any ideas to share on how you split up your responsibilities and incorporate your family and friends back into your life! Thanks 🙂


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