The SUV and the 10′ trailer is packed completely FULL and I’m ready for an AWESOME day at the FLEA MARKET TODAY! I’ll have my daughter and 1 of her friends helping me today and wow will I be glad they are there! It is going to be a BLOW OUT DAY!

We are hauling a heavy load today!

Today we are loaded with lots of great vintage electronics, TV repair equipment from the 1970’s which was actually my dad’s! We’ve got tubs of glassware, Halloween

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costumes, Littlest pet shop toys, wreaths, exercise equipment, Guitar Hero drum sets, an old metal milk can, wicker shelves and lots of items picked up at an estate sale! I can’t wait for 6:15 to get here so we can pull out and get on the road!!! 🙂

Inside Booth vs. Outside Tables?

We’ve really enjoyed the outside covered tables. There’s lots of steady traffic flowing through, usually a good breeze blowing and we get to watch all the action around us too but if we had an inside booth there would be some very strong perks & concerns:


  • An inside booth I could treat it more like a retail store and each week be committed to going back Saturday and Sunday.
  • On Fridays vendors are allowed to prepare for their weekends and work in their shops but the outside tables are not.
  • Customers would know right where to find you and I could work towards referrals and promotions that will bring returning customers back for more.
  • Outside vendors have to deal with all the dirt constantly fly in the air when the wind is blowing and cars are driving by which also kicks it up. We work way too hard to have items get dirty/damaged just by sitting on a table!


  • At this particular flea market I believe the fees have to be paid up front for the whole month and they are higher than the outside tables.
  • A Sales tax ID number is required
  • Is there less traffic inside due to a possible expectation that the prices may be higher?
  • What size shop area would I have to work with. At the tables I always pay for 2 tables which gives us approximately a 20’x 20′ area which includes 2 large 8-9′ tables that we can move around to suit our needs.

TIME TO GET OUT THE DOOR!Woman look at lamp_flea market pic

Time to get this party started Have a great day! 🙂


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