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Today is a Day of Change

Today is going to be a day of change in my life… back to eBay and Amazon! 🙂


“Get a Real Job…” sound familiar?

I had applied and got a job back in November, 2016. I totally set aside my eBay and amazon businesses to work a full-time job. Everyone in my life kept saying “get a real job” so, that’s exactly what I did and you know what… ?… they were all wrong! At first I thought it was going to be a good thing, A steady paycheck would guarantee a more stable, happy life… right? Well, you would think so, but as it turns out it has not been such a good thing.  It was a heartless, thankless, stressful never-ending job. It was a position that was a combination of human resources due to the fact I was a recruiter at least 70% of the time. A scheduler 70% of the time. Hmmm, that would add up to 140%? That can’t be right, oh well, that explains why I was still at work at 6:00, 7:00 and yes, even 8:00 pm at times. I worked all the time weekends included remote from home. If my phone wasn’t getting a call or a text I was constantly trying to do all the tasks this job required and yet I only got paid 40 hours per week, no overtime allowed. When I hired on I was told “this is an hourly position that is treated like a salary” and now I know that means you don’t get paid for over 40 hours but still have to do what you have to do to make sure all tasks are taken care of, you don’t get the benefits of a salary position or the higher pay scale but you get all the rest! After taxes, insurance and 1 tank of gas, based on 40 hours, I was bringing home less than $16.00 per hour… based on 60 hours which is what I worked on a regular basis that puts my net worth at less than $10/hour… I must have lost my mind?!? What was I thinking? I’ll tell you what I was thinking, I thought I would get a 90 day review which I did not. Everyone else at that company got their 90 day review but nope, not me. My boss was “too busy.” Well guess what, now I’m too busy to wait any longer for a review that is now 60 days over due. NO MORE.

Today I say NO MORE!

No more working all weekend and not getting paid for it. No more late evenings at the office an hour drive from my home and not getting paid for it. No more working for FREE!!! “Thank you for all that you do but keep in mind this was not meant to be an over 40 hour per week position”… I heard that twice. It’s a catch 22 because in that job you are damned if you do the extra hours and damned if you don’t do the work. NO MORE!

Thank goodness for eBay and Amazon!

I have never had a problem working long hours. I have never had a problem with working late after everyone else has gone home. Did you know you can accomplish 3 times more after the office clears out at the end of the day? Your phone stops ringing, there are no more new hires to train and that is the perfect time to make your to-do list for the next day, follow-up on any low priority task that was pushed out earlier that day, reformat a spreadsheet while you have little to no chance of being pulled away or interrupted. At least with eBay and Amazon when I work late evenings and weekends I know I’ll be paid for it when those listings sell! 🙂 I have never been so happy to have eBay and amazon to fall back on! Thank goodness I didn’t close my stores and allowed them to work on autopilot these past 6 months! I never listed not one new listing having been so consumed by the new job and new goals.  Sales still came in but were much slower and fewer so I didn’t make enough to take care of all of the fees on each so there were out-of-pocket expenses keeping it afloat but it was worth it to know I still had the option to go back to it! 🙂 I missed you eBay and Amazon!

Reset and Recharge my Goals

Time to research new selling restrictions and added promotions on both eBay and Amazon. I have listed all my current bills and income goals.  I’m ready to hit START!

I have a mountain of inventory to list because right before I landed that lovely job (you know, the one I just quit today?!) I had helped an estate sale get rid of all their leftover items that were unwanted and moved it from their house directly to mine. It was approximately 4 loads in my Expedition w/the 10 foot trailer! I can’t wait to get started!

The lighting in my eBay room was very limited so I took a little time today to hang another flourescent light, did a little organizing, picked out 50 items to list today and now it’s time to get to it.

Have a Great Day! I know I will 🙂


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