True Love Lasts Forever


July 3, 1959

My mom and dad was married July 3rd, 1959. I try to imagine their life then compared to newly weds today and all I can think is it was probably just as stressful, full of anticipation, full of insecurities but totally full of LOVE! They had 7 years together before having kids. Back in those days everyone started having kids shortly after getting married so it actually caused stress and concerns when they should’ve been enjoying every minute they had before the kids started coming (1, 2, 3, 4 one right after another over a period of 4 years!) lol I’m so grateful for the picture and my mom was talking about it earlier today so I know it still holds a very special place in her heart. I always knew she loved my daddy. Love was never the problem. Love really does last forever no matter what this life brings.

Mom Dad Connie Cindy John 1967

The marriage didn’t make it, but the love did. When dad got alzheimer disease mom was visiting him and was feeling upset about her relationship and talking to dad about it. Dad told her “I’ll marry you” and it broke mom’s heart. I know she always loved him and wished it would work but there were things beyond her control and it takes two people and a whole lot of forgiveness to make it in this world.  Fall in love over and over

Find your balance before you lose your true love. Don’t waste another day with anger in your heart. Find that forgiveness because you will be glad you made it through the tough times… or you may find yourself very alone because it’s hard to let someone back in your heart when it gets broken. I love you mom. I love you dad.

July 3rd will forever be a very special day to me too.  


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