What are your Goals?

Where do you expect to be in 5 or 10 years?

We all have ambitions, wants, needs and dreams but how do we make them a reality? Are we on the right path? Will this job lead me in the right direction?


 a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

It is so important for us to stay focused on the bigger picture. This world we’ve created
around us has many obstacles that can pull us off our course. The people we surround ourselves with will make a big impact on where we go and how far we get. My mom used to tell me “who you hang around is who you will become.” I will still argue with her that it’s If you don't know where you are going you'll never get there.jpgnot true. But what I have learned is that who you hang around can create an image of you in their light. Once that image settles in the back of your mind it can distort your priorities that you had set for yourself and cause your ambitions to weaken. You may find yourself feeling like your floating in a large ocean with no land in sight. We all love and care about our friends and family but there are times when you need to pull back a little and have some “you” time to focus on YOU. Re-energize yourself, re-enforce your goals and lay out your plans on how you will reach those goals. Dustin Peltier-Robson once said “If you don’t know where you’re going you will never get there” and he was right!

The very definition of “ambition” involves determination and usually hard work. To me, this meant the road to my dreams may be full of long days and long nights working till I can’t work anymore. But there is a balance you must try to keep between your work and your time. Don’t lose yourself while following your dreams. Don’t lose the family you care so much about thinking you have to work all the time and never have any time for them. work life family friends balanceDon’t lose the friends you’ve had for years or new ones you could have now by only caring about work. Find your balance. Respect your balance. All work and no play makes for a very unending day! You days will fall into your nights and you will lose some of your stamina and ambition in the process. So refresh yourself and make sure you break away and have some down time doing something with ones you care about. But caution, seriously try to stay far away from the doubters and the ones that don’t believe in you and your dreams. Don’t let anyone put you down for trying just because they can’t see your vision.

Our “Wants” and our “Needs” can be two very different things but what if our wants become our needs?! That my friend, is called motivation!

Everyone should sit down and figure out the difference in their wants versus their needs. There are a few different ways they can do this, for example, the can draw two overlapping circles and on the left circle they can add what they believe they need, on the right add wants vs needs circleswhat they want and where the circles overlap can be the wants that they believe they need! Understand? LOL 😉 No really, I’m serious! We all know that we need a home, food, electricity, some of need gas, water, a vehicle, an education, for those of us that make our money online we need a computer and the internet… but what about the things we want that would truly add to our overall happiness? Those things become the “needs” that we wake up each day and strive for! Those wants that we believe we truly need to be happy will make us work harder and smarter and set our goals higher! Whether it’s that vacation you want to take your family on (or go yourself), a better computer, nicer vehicle… whatever “it” is that is what you add to the overlapping section in your circles!

Don’t Forget Your Dreams!!!

Ok, I’ll start us off… my dream as a child was to live on a horse farm, have some chickens, a big garden, a nice farm house with a big porch (2 stories) and a long driveway lined with trees on both sides ending in a circle around a light pole beside the house. I couldn’t be farther away from that dream at this point in time. All the decisions I’ve made in my life have done nothing but make that dream farther and farther away and harder to get to become a reality. My children are almost grown. After 27 years of raising my babies I’ve never given them the life I thought I wanted to when I was a child dreaming about what I wanted to do when I grew up. What was your dream? Are they still reachable? Do you have new dreams now? If I had to pick a new dream it would be a lie. I only have one dream. And that one dream is deep in my core of my being and will never die. No matter how far away it may seem. Don’t forget about your dream. Don’t ever give up on it. Some day, in some degree, you will achieve making your dream a reality if you never give up on it. I’m a believer and if you want to follow me I will make you one too 😉 !!!

Where will you be in 5 yearsWhere will I be in 5 or 10 Years?

Short term goals vs. long term and a well thought out plan to reach them. Short term can be 1 week, 3 months, 6 months or up to a couple of years. Long term would be farther out like 5 , 10 or even 20 years from now.



1 Month – Have 1000 listings in my ebay store and at least 500 in my Amazon store!

3 Months – Have 1500 listings in my ebay store and 800 in Amazon

6 Months – Have 2000 listings in my ebay store and 1000 in Amazon

My 2 year plan – have my own warehouse with a front office/store front for private labels

My 5 year plan – Maintain and create new customers for my eCommerce business by streamlining and merging multiple stand alone private label websites to my stores.

My 7 year plan – 7 is supposed to be a lucky number so I will be planning on starting a chain of store fronts for eCommerce based retail sales with large warehouses to store the products

10 years

My 10 year plan – Retire a Millionaire and let the qualified personnel I hire run the business! 🙂



Now go make your own plans and set your goals to be realistic but challenging!

Thank you for stopping by!



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