Good Morning! What day is today???

That’s how I feel on most mornings since I quit my job and started working around the clock on my eCommerce sites!!! Do you know the feeling… “wake up and make the donuts” kinda feeling!?! My friend told me yesterday I must be making progress because when she calls me in the morning I’m at least in my bed now instead of sleeping sitting in an upright position on the end of the couch in front of my computer! I guess she’s right and I need to acknowledge all that I have accomplished. It can be difficult to see where you are when all you see is where you need to be! I am forever looking forward and try hard not to look back. My life has definitely been a roller coaster of good and bad decisions that have brought me to where I now am. I certainly hope this will be one decision I look back on someday and consider it a good one! LOL If I couldn’t laugh I think I’d go crazy!

Today’s challenge is to list list list and then list more items for sale on ebay! Bills are rolling in (and some getting further behind) If anyone feels like helping a single mom trying to be a mom while learning all these lovely techniques selling on ebay, Amazon and at flea markets it will forever be welcomed and appreciated! That car salesman/boss that used to scream at me would also say “if you don’t ask you don’t get”… lol so here is my paypal link for anyone that feels compassion and has possibly been where I am and wants to help me over this hump I call my “learning curve!” 🙂

Donations from Your Heart to Mine

Okay, well that brought a tear to my eye. It’s hard to ask for help. I have a lot of pride, probably too much. But I really want this to work and I worry that I won’t get things rolling soon enough. I know I can get a job. I’m not trying to not work. I work more now than I would with a “real” job. But this allows me to take care of my daughter, my home, my animals and I’ve spent my whole life trying to do what’s right for everyone else… this allows me to be me and hopefully be successful doing something I love, something that makes me happy too. Did I mention prayers are welcomed too? Faith is so important right now. Staying positive and believing in myself and my abilities and my decisions but it’s when I do something for someone else that it truly feels right and good. And I swear it’s when I do an act of kindness for someone else that something good happens! What you put out there is what you get back… I am a firm believer in that! 🙂

Ok, (focus Judy!)

My to do list for today…

  1. Photo Shoot – I need to accomplish listing 100 items today! That means taking approximately 500+ pictures. Clothes require closer to 10 pics each due to taking pics including measurements too. So that should take me approximately 4 hours of my day!
  2. Build listings in Turbo Lister 2 – this is an upload program that allows ebay sellers to create your listings offline. You can use the copy and create several similar templates so all you have to do is change out the specifics and pics. It helps to list more items in a shorter period of time and so far it is the only program I have had success using to create a lot of listings. One of the things I like about it is that creating your listings online allows you a chance to review them and catch errors. But you still want to review them once uploaded also. It is very easy to have the wrong pictures or typos in your descriptions. If you say that a shirt has a pocket it doesn’t matter if you have 10 pictures of the shirt showing it has no pocket because someone will buy that shirt, get it shipped to them, open it up and see it has no pocket and sure enough they will do a return on it and the seller is responsible for a full refund including original shipping and the return shipping fees so it is very costly to make mistakes in your errors. It’s my experience that some buyers look at the pictures and some focus more on the descriptions and you never know which one they are so both need to be accurate!
  3. Organize My Shipping Area – right now I have a desk and this does not work to organize my shipping materials, envelopes, tape, poly bags, etc. I bought a set of shelves from the flea market 2 weeks ago with intentions on using it for my shipping supplies but ended up using it at the flea market the next week to showcase items I had for sale. It worked well for me at the flea market but I bought it for my shipping area and need to bring it in the house and see what I can do to streamline the process. Shipping sales takes me approximately 10 minutes to pack them up for the post office and that is just too long. Some of the time is because I use recycled materials so it can be like a treasure hunt on what needs to be used in each shipment. I have purchased bubble wrap, packing paper and some smaller boxes but I’m finding out that the thing I use the most are the brown envelopes 6″x9″, 9″x12″ and 10″x13″ for my 1st Class mail items. This means I end up almost covering the entire envelope with packing tape to assure a safe arrival of the package. This is not a good process. I have bought the poly envelopes but I just don’t like how thin they are. Good for clothing but not for items that need some protection during their travels to the buyers. Boxes are expensive!!! I’ve decided to try to just make my own, which is working so far, but very time consuming!
  4. Dinner – what’s for dinner tonight!!??? – it’s easy for me to work all day and never ask this question and then have nothing lined up for dinner so I need to remember why I’m doing all this and that is to be a better mom to my kiddos! The less food you have and the less money you have the more challenging dinner time can be! I will need to check my freezer for meat and get it out to thaw. Maybe I can do some beans in the crock pot too. My daughter’s not too big on beans but they are so good for you and can be very tasty with some sausage added… hmmmm? I’ll let you know what I come up with. Maybe I’ll start a blog on how you can still eat good with very little to work with! It can definitely be done. I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to accomplish that challenge! And we all have to remember there are folks out there that have nothing at all. I am forever grateful for what I do have! 🙂

NOTE:  I will take 30 minute breaks after each hour taking pictures because the lights are really hot and it’s like working in a tanning booth. That is when I will work on the other items in my to do list!


I hope you have a great day and, as always, thank you for dropping by! 🙂

Bye for now,



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