Getting Started Selling on Amazon- Part 1

Amazon’s selling platform has amazed me. I’ve watch video after video on youtube like Is Amazon Lucritive by Entrepreneur Girl/Tracy or many other sellers’ video. Another favorite of mine is the Book Bandit! Both of these sellers explain what they are doing, why they do it and are normal people like you and me.

I just started my Amazon store. I have fear of what I don’t know. It costs me $49 per month for my store. I did get the first month for $29 but I did nothing so it was a total waist of money. What I learned is that I should’ve picked out all the listings I was going to do. I should’ve bought my laser printer or thermal label maker before I ever started it because I now need it to do the fba but can’t because I can’t afford to buy one. I do have the option for Amazon to print the labels and do it for me but there is a charge for that and I just don’t have extra funds for this. I have listed several items, invested the money to purchase these items, set my prices, marked my prices down, had sales, marked them back up, marked them back down… and now I’m sitting here waiting for something to sell just hoping to cover my $49 monthly charge for having the store! DO NOT DO AS I DID! THIS IS NOT A GOOD SPOT TO BE IN RIGHT NOW!

Time to make it right and get on track. I signed up with intentions to do the fba on my books and that is exactly what I plan to do. Let’s dig in and see what it will take for me to accomplish this… TODAY! Ready? Set! BEGIN!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of all the books I am about to start looking up ISBN numbers and barcodes to see their values so I can price them and how many are for sale already so I can decide whether I need to sell them on Amazon, ebay or at the flea market! The shelf is actually two layers deep in books so this would be a good start on my fba shipment! 🙂

Books for Amazon
Books for my 1st Amazon fba shipment!

I’ll come back to update you on my progress and the good and bad book values, what I will list and won’t list and for what reasons! Watch for Part 2! See you later 🙂


4/27/2017 – UPDATE:

Crash and Burn! I never really was able to trust the unknown factor in Amazon’s very complicated, selling forum. I was one of those sellers that was scared of screwing up so I did very little. Most of the time just enough to pay my monthly dues and keep the store open in case I ever found the time to jump off in it… that day never came. I’m just not comfortable with paying $2.52 in fees on a book I sell for .99 (due to the cut throat pricing on Amazon) and shipping of $3.99 with in the end I paid Amazon and that buyer .90 to buy the damn book! Ugh! Just not for me. Maybe if I had a large enough amount to invest then things may have been different. And maybe if I wasn’t doing ebay, then I would’ve spent more time researching and trying harder to learn the Amazon ins and outs of it all. But today I closed my Amazon store. Done. Finished. Now I can focus on ebay, etsy, maybe Shopify and building my own websites which I really want to do!

Wish me luck!


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