It takes Money to make Money

No flea market happened this last weekend. When you live day to day and only have the money you make from selling something to live off of your world is really restricted on what you can and can not do. Everyone that has started a business knows it takes money to make money. In order to go to the flea market I would’ve needed $30 for tables, $15 for gas and approx. $5-$10 to either bring something to eat/drink or buy something there.

I had put up the money from last weekend’s flea market for this weekend but as each day Bambi with 4 pups_2016went by. In 2010 I was unemployed for 1 year and 6 months. In that time I took in and adopted out 19 dogs. I have 2 dogs right now that I chose to keep plus the 1 dog that I already had since 2009. Last year my little girl was in the back yard and seemed so lonely I put Buddy my pure breed chihuahua in there thinking they would play. Not a good idea because within 2 hours they were hooked up. I had no idea she was even in season but that would explain why she was crying and whining (which is what made me want her to have a play mate… yea, so not cool), anyway, she got pregnant and I was able to give away all but 2 of the puppies. My daughter fell in love with the boy and nobody seemed to want the sister. We’ve been fine with all of them until a few weeks ago when we noticed both the girls getting bigger 😦 !!! Both girls, mama and sister, had somehow got pregnant unknown to us the when/where/how! Our dogs do not run loose. We were shocked, a little upset and then excited… we had babies coming!!! Sissy had her 1 baby first. Four days later Bambi had 7 PUPPIES! All I could think was “oh holy cow!!!” They just kept popping out. Now, all of a sudden, I have 13 dogs! And they needed dog food $30! Can’t run out of that! LOL I should’ve planned for the expense of it. This is a good example of not looking forward and shows the need for me to always be on top of my upcoming priorities/bills! I have got to make a list for each week for the upcoming month with all upcoming expenses. It is easy to fall into the rut of only taking care of what you can from one day to the next when you do not have much to work with but that is when things will sneak up and bite you on the butt. While I’m thinking about it I need to add “get my daddy dog neutered” asap and “Get my mama dogs spayed” needs to go onto the month of April after their babies are weaned.

Here is a link to my Budget Page! My Budget

I bought $47 in groceries on Thursday. I just wanted to cook a real meal for my kids. I get my 17 year old on Thursdays just for that night and then the 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends… (long story but I hit on it under my “Family Time” section here in my website blogs. It tells a little bit of my life story on how it came to be. 😦 ) It was a nice dinner with all of us around the table so mission accomplished. Wouldn’t change a thing even if I could on spending my last few dollars to make it happen.

Although this last week/end didn’t work out as I had hoped it was great to have a weekend off to just get my balance back and get back on track. I have got to keep a certain balance. I have to remember ebay pays my bills, Amazon at this point is a potential but not a reality yet, the flea markets is a way for me to have some what of a social life, do something with my daughter that’s fun for both of us and bring home a little money to help out but I will not be getting rich any time soon from the flea market… lol! Balance, Balance Balance is what I have got to keep! So today will be focused on ebay listings.

The good news is I’m rested instead of worn out and I’m ready for this upcoming weekend… I hope!!!! 🙂

So it’s back to my ebay and Amazon to try to get that money in here to pay my $200 in bills due this week (or else cutoffs will start happening! Ugh!!!) and enough to get me to the flea market! Me 28Feb2016

Have a great week! I’ll let you know when I work on my flea market inventory.

The next flea market I’m going to try to take lots of pictures on my whole process of what we go through to make it happen!!! 😉

Bye for now!


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